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Summer Camp

I will be hosting a Summer Camp August 29/30/31st 2016. Please Message me for details.

pokey bottle vase

Vase is not a Vessel. Series One.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing an item you have seen or would like to visit the studio. August 2016

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Flower Weavings

Flowers wilt and fade withered petals drop beauty transformed in memory preserved    

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POTTERY_RO is a pottery studio in Vancouver, Canada.  I teach private, group & children’s ceramic classes. We hand-build with moulds & extruded pieces. For more information regarding private instruction, adult & children’s classes please email ...

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Western Front Anniversary Gala Dinner & Art Auction

Held in the historic Luxe Hall at Western Front, the legendary gala features a live auction of over 30 works donated by leading local and international artists. The convivial, entertaining, and always sold-out evening includes ...

Grunt Gallery Kitchen Recording 2014

Kitchen Sounds

Performance “Kitchen Sounds” Nathalee Paolinelli Grunt Gallery. Friday, December 12th: Recording 7pm. (Recordings by Pietro Sammarco) The idea of the kitchen has long been a source of inspiration for the gallery, and the physical site ...

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Wild Flowers


Flower Bar

Flower Bar sets out to engage your senses, enjoy touch, sound, smell, and vision.  Flower Bar involves the installation of flowers in a space, this space is always changing and the project is ongoing.  Flower ...


Sounds @ Sunset @ Vivo

“Sounds at Sunset started as a series of free sound events, held in the back parking lot space of Sunset Terrace. Curated by artist Soledad Muñoz Fiegehen, the event’s primary focus is in the opening of instances ...

yellow star mobile

Ceramic Mobiles

♥ A recent collection of mobiles made from ceramics and wire. 2015

Dralms Two photoshoot

Dralms Mobile Display

∪ Dralms + Nathalee Paolinelli 2015

blue bonnet

A Collection of Mobiles

♦ A collection of mobiles made in 2015. Each mobile made with collected wood and ceramics.


Hand For a Hand / Piano Bar

∴  Piano Bar at Model Projects, Valentines Day 2015. All visitors are invited to take a ceramic hand in return for a pencil tracing of their hand. 100 Ceramic hands, 100 paper bags with red ...

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This Could Take Decades

∇ Shannon Oksanen + Nathalee Paolinelli: This Could Take Decades. A simultaneous crystallization between two practices, “This Could Take Decades” features the work of Shannon Oksanen and Nathalee Paolinelli. One practice traverses interiority and self-introspection, while ...