Jennilee Marigomen

Mirror Vase

My newest addition to my ceramic collection. Please enquire within if you would like to purchase a piece from my collection.   thank you to Jennilee Mariogoman for the lovely photos.

Jennilee Marigomen

Pottery In A Pear Tree

Thank you to Jennilee Marigoman for the lovely photos of my pottery at Twigstwisted Flower Farm.   All pottery made in 2019. Porcelain.

Jennilee Marigomen

Book a Ceramic Birthday Party

Please contact me if you would like to book a Birthday Party at the studio. Thank you to Jennilee Marigomen for booking a party & photos.

Nathalee Pottery_Jennifer Latour Photo_3

Nathalee Paolinelli Ceramics Product Guide 2019.

Please contact me at if you would like a pdf of my 2019 line sheet. Most items will still be available in 2020. I am currently working on my upcoming products for 2020.   ...

Jennilee Marigomen

Dahlias 2019

The wind, the stubble movement of the leaves, announces autumn.  The fields have turned wild with color, and in hollows the rotting leaves. Bloom, Boom Dahlias.   Photos by Jennilee Marigoman photos taken on the ...

Nathalee Paonelli Studio_Jennifer Latour Photo_1.1

Studio Visit

My friends at Zero1 Magazine stopped by the studio for a visit. Thank you for the photos Jen & Redia.


Mirror Mirror And The Water

A quiet day at Golden Ears, seemed appropriate to take my ceramics to my beloved spot and document the stillness & beauty.   Photos by Kimberly Ronning. All pottery by Nathalee Paolinelli Thank you to ...

drop in

Drop In Schedule & Information.

Drop In Studio Time is for ceramic artists with experience. * 8 Sessions * Includes all materials. Studio Tech will be on hand to assist you with all studio needs. Please email for more ...

ayalen potter studio

Toddler Pottery Drop In

Toddler Pottery Drop In Classes 4 Sessions. I invite you & your toddler to play with clay at the studio. Age range *18 months-9 Years* All materials are non-toxic. Art making apparel encouraged as it gets ...


Made Still Equinox Gallery

With works by Jessica Eaton, Marten Elder, Adad Hannah, Fred Herzog, David Hockney, Robert Mapplethorpe, Eadweard Muybrigde, Nathalee Paolinelli and Andy Warhol link to show


Custom Plates

Available in all sizes + patterns. Contact me to place an order. Deposit required. 2018.

Nathalee Pottery_01 Productions_45

Strangeways, Here We Come

*Handbuilt with Porcelain.  Inspired by the songs of The Smiths. Disbanded in 1987.

splatter paint plate12x12,poreclain,2016

Places + Spaces

+ 2016 Ceramic Plates made with Porcelain.


Pottery_Ro + Lloyd

Collaboration with Pottery_Ro + Lloyd + Fran.escap + Natadoodoo


Reflection Points Spring 2016

pottery_ro 2016


Structured Wall Hangings

one in a series.


Winter 2016




Cabbages Cabbages


What A Rose Can Say




Pottery Classes

Please follow Nathalee Paolinelli on Instgram for the latest class info. or email me at

pokey bottle detail

first draft

woobly mountains


blue red white